Need a ride? Metro Micro offers $1 rideshares around L.A.

A blue Metro Micro van
Metro Micro is offering on-demand service in the L.A. area for just $1 per ride.
(Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is now offering an on-demand ride-share service in the Los Angeles area for just $1 per ride with its Metro Micro program.

A similar concept to other on-demand services such as Uber and Lyft, Metro Micro allows participants to order rides when needed or schedule them ahead of time on a phone. Brian Haas, a Metro spokesperson, said there are key differences between Metro Micro and the ride-sharing services most people are familiar with: Riders will share the vehicle with up to 10 people, won’t need a smartphone to order a ride, and can only book rides during certain hours to and from specific areas — but the whole trip will only cost a dollar.

Here’s how to hitch a ride.

What is it?

For the next six months, each ride is only $1 and participants can pay with a debit or credit card or a TAP account. Cash payments are not accepted. And the first two rides are free.

Haas said the fee might increase to $2.50 next year, but for now, all rides will cost a dollar — and either way, the price is well below the fares that riders currently pay other ride-sharing and cab companies.

Each Metro Micro vehicle can seat up to 10 people, with COVID-19 considerations in mind, Haas said. All passengers and drivers are required to wear a mask.

The Metro Micro program is currently servicing:

Service to the San Fernando Valley is expected to begin around late August and early September, Haas said. The UCLA/Westwood/Century areas are expected to begin service this fall.


Participants can book a ride up to seven days in advance. If ordering on demand, riders can expect to wait 10 to 15 minutes.

Accessibility-friendly options are available as well as options for bike riders to store their bikes in the vehicle. Only service animals are allowed in the vehicle.

A man in a wheelchair is helped out of a Metro Micro minivan.
Metro Micro is offering accessibility-friendly options.
(Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority)

Rides need to be contained in the same geographic zone. That means if someone hails a ride in El Monte, the destination has to be in that area too.

Another caveat: No rides to fly out of LAX. Airport employees can be taken to the employee drop-off area, but passengers won’t be taken to the terminals.

How do riders access it?

There are three ways to hail a ride.

For iOS and Android users, riders can download the app. Those without a smartphone can book a ride online at

Riders can also book over the phone by calling (323) GO-METRO, or (323) 466-3876.

The app is currently available in English and Spanish and the phone line is available in eight languages: English, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

What other public transit options are out there?

The TAP card is a reloadable payment option for Metro users. Riders can load funds onto the card and use it for both rail and bus trips. Reduced-fare TAP cards are available for seniors, people with disabilities, college or vocational students and K-12 students.

For seniors and people with disabilities, rates range from $0.75 for a one-way trip to $20 for a monthly pass.

College or vocational students can pay up to $43 for a monthly pass and K-12 can pay up to $24.

Metro offers discounted ride rates for eligible riders. The Low-Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) program determines eligibility based on household size and annual income. Rates range from free for 20 local rides to $24 for a regular monthly pass. Benefits can be loaded onto a TAP card.

The Metro Bike Share program allows riders to pick up and drop off bikes at designated locations for easy transportation from one location to another. Riders can download the app to find the nearest station and pay for services. There are reduced-fare programs available for LIFE users, employee discounts for companies that enroll and bulk buying.

For those with disabilities, ACCESS provides accessible rides throughout L.A. County. Pickup and drop-off locations must be within three-quarters of a mile from a bus or rail line. To schedule a ride, call (800) 883-1295.