Students: How are you feeling about the return to in-person college?

Student walking outside at UCLA
A student walks through UCLA’s campus in March 2020 after the move to online classes.
(Christina House / Los Angeles Times)

In March 2020, colleges across the country began shutting their doors. Slowly at first, then in a frenzy, students were sent home with the promise they’d return soon. After 16 months, universities are finally preparing to welcome students back to campus.

In Los Angeles County, recent weeks have brought mask recommendations and then mandates due to an alarming rise in coronavirus rates predominantly among the unvaccinated, courtesy of the Delta variant. Amid the uncertainties, college students from all corners of the globe are preparing to return to a world of bustling lecture halls and sweaty frat houses.

We want to hear from college students in California about their expectations for the fall semester. What are your biggest health concerns — the Delta variant? Social anxiety? Schoolwork stress? Also tell us what you’re most excited about with the return to campus.

Further, we’d like to know what you think about your college’s health safety rules. If vaccination is required (or not) for in-person classes, do you agree with the decision? Do you feel the rules can keep you safe this year? We’ll publish the most unique or thought-provoking takes.