L.A. County gas prices have jumped up 22% in the last 3 weeks

Two people walk in front of a sign with gas prices at a Mobil station.
Gas prices in Westchester on Sunday topped $6 a gallon.
(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

As the war in Ukraine nears three weeks, the price of gas in Los Angeles County has shot up by nearly 22%.

The average price for a gallon of regular-grade gas in the county rose from $4.79 on Feb. 23 to $5.83 as of Tuesday, according to the American Automobile Assn.

Gas prices have begun to stabilize slightly in the last few days, however.

A graph shows the nationwide, California and Los Angeles County gas prices from Feb. 23 to March 15.

In California, the average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline Tuesday was $5.75, only one cent higher than the previous day, according to AAA. Los Angeles County prices also rose by one cent.

The nationwide price of a gallon of regular gas fell slightly; Tuesday’s average was $4.31, compared to the previous day‘s average of $4.32.

At the start of the conflict in Eastern Europe, the average prices of gas nationwide and in California were $3.53 and $4.75 respectively.

The cost of fuel had already been rising because of pandemic-related supply-chain issues and inflation. Just a year ago, the prices of a gallon of regular gas nationwide, in California and in L.A. County were $2.86, $3.84 and $3.89, respectively, according to AAA.

California has the most expensive gas in the country because of a combination of taxes, regulatory requirements and environmental fees, among other factors.