How well do you know L.A.? Try identifying these spots by sound alone

Photo illustration by Jim Cooke / Los Angeles Times; Photos via Getty Images

Close your eyes and imagine Los Angeles. You might conjure palm trees, beaches and blue skies. Traffic-clogged freeways, the downtown skyline or the taco truck on your corner.

You know the looks of this city.

But do you know its sounds?

The rhythms and noises of a location can be as unique as a signature. Each place has its own.

Can you place these signature sounds of the Los Angeles area?

VIDEO | 00:30
Sounds of L.A.: Location 1
VIDEO | 00:31
Sounds of L.A.: Location 2
VIDEO | 00:33
Sounds of L.A.: Location 3
VIDEO | 00:38
Sounds of L.A.: Location 4
VIDEO | 00:28
Sounds of L.A.: Location 5
VIDEO | 00:35
Sounds of L.A.: Location 6

About this project

Reporting and audio recording by Helen Li. Mixing by Albert Brave Tiger Lee. Videos by Kelvin Kuo.