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Hi there! It’s Mark Olsen, film writer for The Times and “The Envelope” podcast co-host.

The first episode of our new season is here, and we’re kicking things off with none other than “The Power of the Dog” actor Kirsten Dunst. You can listen to the full conversation now wherever you get your podcasts or on, where you can also read the full transcript:

Listen and read the full transcript of Kirsten Dunst’s interview with Mark Olsen.

Nov. 30, 2021


During our interview, Kirsten shared stories with me about growing up in Hollywood, why she decided to publicly address her mental health break, and the many ways she connected with her character in Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog.”

Kirsten Dunst on "The Envelope" podcast.

“I think Rose is a very old part of myself that I had to rehash of just feeling really bad about myself, or allowing myself to feel bad about myself because of other people’s comments or control. In your early 20s, it’s very easy to get swayed into different things or thinking about yourself in a certain way, especially when you’re putting yourself out there as an actress and you’re in a public light.” — Kirsten Dunst

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