Halle Berry on depicting trauma in ‘Bruised’ and her Oscar win

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Hello! It’s Mark Olsen, film writer for the L.A. Times and co-host of “The Envelope” podcast.

This week on “The Envelope,” I spoke to Hollywood icon Halle Berry about the personal connection she felt to “Bruised,” her directorial debut for Netflix, in which she also stars. In our conversation, Halle detailed how her own experience with abuse and trauma helped her bring compassion to the film. Plus, she discusses what’s changed — and what stayed the same — since her historic Academy Award win 20 years ago.


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Halle Berry joins The Envelope podcast.

I know about this world. I know about abuse, domestic abuse. I know about drug addiction, alcoholism. I know about this community. I grew up in an inner city very much like the one I depict in the movie, because that’s what I know. That was real for me. I understand it.

— — Halle Berry

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