Kate Sharma isn’t perfect. That’s why Simone Ashley loved the role

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I’m a devotee of period drama, and “Bridgerton” has delivered on all the familiar tropes I love: elaborate costumes, extravagant balls and, of course, a steamy romance. But what made the show’s second season really special was Kate Sharma, an intelligent, self-assured romantic lead and a role written and consciously cast for an Indian woman.

In this episode of “The Envelope,” I got to talk to Simone Ashley, who plays Kate, about the joys and responsibilities that come with on-screen representation, why it was important to portray Kate as a flawed character still worthy of love, and how her upbringing led her to dream big.


Simone Ashley
(Campbell Addy/Netflix)

“I just wanted the smart, self-realized woman to get her love as well and to not be seen as a negative connotation or something difficult or all of those things that all of us women have heard.”

— Simone Ashley on her “Bridgerton” character, Kate Sharma

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