‘Rust’ to resume filming in spring with new cinematographer and documentary, producers say

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set
Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of a director Rachel Mason’s music video,”Give You Everything.”
(Rachel Mason)

Rust Productions, the company behind the troubled western on which Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, on Tuesday said the film will restart production in the spring with some of the original crew returning.

The production said that crew members — including director Joel Souza — would be rejoining. “Rust’s” stunt coordinator, costume designer, makeup and hair department heads are also coming back.

The producers said they will add two safety officers to the crew, bar any use of weapons or ammunition and use union crew members. Baldwin, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges stemming from the incident, intends to return in his acting role and as a producer, a person close to the production said. Baldwin has denied wrongdoing.


“My every effort on this film will be devoted to honoring Halyna’s legacy and making her proud,” Souza said in a statement.

The attempt to restart filming follows a deal the producers reached in October to settle a wrongful-death suit that was filed on behalf of Hutchins’ widower Matthew and son Andros. But the agreement has not yet been approved by a New Mexico court, and the criminal prosecution since launched against Baldwin could stymie his planned return to the movie.

Filming had previously been announced for January with Matthew Hutchins as an executive producer (as part of the settlement) and all the principal players rejoining. Hutchins is also supporting the making of a documentary by director Rachel Mason and producer Julee Metz about the rising star cinematographer and the completion of the film, Rust Productions said.

Actor Alec Baldwin will face criminal charges in the accidental, on-set fatal shooting of a cinematographer. What now for ‘Rust’?

Jan. 19, 2023

Cinematographer Bianca Cline, whose credits include “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On,” will take Hutchins’ role and donate her salary to a charity in Hutchins’ name, according to the “Rust” producers.

The production has yet to say where it is filming. It is not returning to New Mexico and may instead film in Southern California.

Baldwin, as well as armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, are expected to make their first court appearances later this month. Both face charges of involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico. The charges carry a possible 18-month sentence.

The fatal shooting occurred Oct. 21, 2021, when Baldwin was rehearsing a scene in a small church on Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, N.M. The actor was drawing a Colt .45 revolver across his body and pointing it at the camera, which he has said Hutchins instructed him to do. He has also said that he believed the gun was safe to use and that he didn’t pull the trigger.


Baldwin’s attorneys has said he will fight the charges. He has already launched two attacks on the prosecution. His lawyers have asked a court in New Mexico to disqualify the special prosecutor from the case and also strike a firearm enhancement to the charge that could lead to Baldwin spending several years in prison if found guilty.

Additional reporting by Meg James.