Bryce Dallas Howard: Actresses aren’t the only ones who should be asked about parenting

Bryce Dallas Howard has been asked countless times how she balances motherhood and her job. But her male costars? Not so much.

At the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Howard said she was bothered by how often she’s been queried about raising kids in comparison to actors she’s worked with like Chris Pratt.

“Women are constantly asked how do you balance your career with parenting,” she shared inside The Times’ TIFF studio. “And the fact that fathers aren’t asked that — it’s dangerous, because the assumption is a father doesn’t need to balance it because someone else is.”

Bryce Dallas Howard, wearing a blue blouse, smiles as she promotes her documentary 'Dads'
Bryce Dallas Howard, director of “Dads,” poses in the L.A. Times photo and video studio at the Toronto International Film Festival
(Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times)

The actress explored this further in her first documentary, “Dads,” in which she interviews her own father, Ron Howard, as well as celebrities like Will Smith, Jimmy Kimmel and Hasan Minhaj.


The film was acquired by Apple on Thursday but does not yet have a distribution date.