Critic’s Choice: Music Box Steps Day celebrates Laurel & Hardy

Lilyan Irene, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, 'The Music Box'
Lilyan Irene, Stan Laurel, center, and Oliver Hardy in the 1932 short “The Music Box.”
(File photo)

Numerous iconic film locations exist in Los Angeles, but for sheer joy it’s hard to top a certain 133 steps in the Silver Lake area. As all fans of slapstick comedy in general and Laurel & Hardy in particular know, those stairs were the site of the 1932 Oscar-winning short “The Music Box,” a classic comedic effort showcasing the hard time the dynamic duo had moving a piano on that unforgiving terrain.

Celebrate that film and those guys at the milestone 25th annual Music Box Steps Day on Oct. 19 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The location is just across the street from those stairs at Laurel & Hardy Park, 900 Vendome St. in Silver Lake. In addition to showings of the film, there will be free food, live music, even a live re-creation of the film starring a life-size replica of the piano in question. In other words, fun for all.