Review: ‘Reality Queen!’ painfully attempts to mock the unmockable


Even ignoring the fact that it was completed back in 2017, “Reality Queen!” a punishingly shrill, unfunny mockumentary about a social media darling of a Paris Hilton-type celebutante, can’t help but feel totally so yesterday.

Sidelined by a head injury that has put a dent in her commanding reality TV reign, blond, busty, cosmetically-enhanced London Logo (convincingly portrayed by Julia Faye West), is determined to make up for ground lost to her archrival, Kristy Kim (Candace Kita).

Surrounded by her loyal support system, including dearest friend Angelina Streisand (Denise Richards), she agrees to an in-depth interview with BBC journalist Diana Smelt-Marlin (Kate Orsini) while reuniting with her former “Heir Heads” costar Rochelle Ritzy (Shelli Boone), an obvious nod to Hilton’s “The Simple Life” cohort Nicole Richie.


Those character names are about as witty and inspired as things get in this crassly-executed, one-gag production, penned by first-time director Steven Jay Bernheim along with seven other writers.

By the time Mike Tyson pops up (as a purported partner in the leaked sex tape, “A Week in London,” the film’s original title), not to mention the late John Witherspoon and a Larry King-impersonating Charles Fleischer, one begins to wonder if Andy Warhol might’ve been pushing it with his 15 minutes of fame observation.

Whether there may actually be a method to her dim-wittedness, London Logo effectively wears out her dubious welcome around the 60-second mark.

‘Reality Queen!’

Not rated

Running Time: 1 hour, 24 minutes

Playing: Arena Cinelounge, Hollywood