Review: #MeToo meets Brexit in the Eddie Marsan-propelled, never dull ‘Feedback’

Eddie Marsan in the movie 'Feedback'
Eddie Marsan in the movie “Feedback.”
(Blue Fox Entertainment)

First-time feature filmmaker Pedro C. Alonso makes good use of the mercurial British actor Eddie Marsan in the drama “Feedback,” a claustrophobic suspense film that twists the ripped-from-the-headlines issues of #MeToo and media trustworthiness into something provocative — though perhaps less pointed than intended.

Co-written by Alonso and Beto Marini, “Feedback” takes place almost entirely in one high-tech radio studio, where Marsan’s character — a controversial, left-leaning DJ named Jarvis Dolan — is being held at gunpoint by masked invaders with a grudge against him and his former partner, Andrew Wilde (Paul Anderson). Jarvis is handed a script to read over the air: a confession that a few years ago at a resort hotel, he and Andrew perpetrated a violent sexual assault.

Did they? Or are the gunmen in league with the many right-wing trolls who want to bring Jarvis down, in retaliation for his popular rants against Brexit and the upper class? In the interest of maximizing tension, “Feedback” maintains ambiguity on these questions for as long as possible.

Because of that, it’s frustratingly hard to nail down what “Feedback” is about. Is it a comment on how easy it is these days to destroy a person’s reputation? Or is it about how even seemingly “progressive” leaders can be abusive creeps?


Regardless, this movie is gripping from start to finish, largely because of Marsan, who makes Jarvis both charismatic and complex. He’s a familiar mass-media type: the opinionated celebrity who may be more committed to his fame than to his message.


Not rated

Running time: 1 hour, 37 minutes.

Playing: Galaxy Mission Grove, Riverside; also on VOD