Camila Cabello (sort of) launches acting career with old Hollywood video for ‘My Oh My’


Camila Cabello is ready for her close-up.

A music video released Wednesday for the artist’s new song, “My Oh My,” is an ode to classic Hollywood, and Cabello is its glamorous movie star. Next year, the “Señorita” hitmaker will make her actual big-screen debut in Sony’s modern take on “Cinderella,” alongside Idina Menzel, Billy Porter, James Corden and more.

In the “My Oh My” video, styled like a silent film and featuring rapper DaBaby, Cabello dons a number of over-the-top looks channeling silver-screen icons like Marilyn Monroe. At the top of the mini-movie, she even sports a platinum blond wig and bouncy white dress, in case the reference isn’t clear.

As she and DaBaby cruise and swing dance through a revolving door of old-fashioned movie sets, Cabello flexes her over-acting skills, getting into fights on set, ripping off her wig and slashing through movie posters and bad guys.


“I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl,” Cabello sings. “Tonight, I don’t wanna be her.”

Cabello’s sophomore album, “Romance,” dropped in December. Prior to its launch, she told The Times about her inspirations for her latest work, her very public relationship with fellow artist Shawn Mendes and her evolution as a freshly solo artist.

On her second album “Romance,” Camila Cabello sings openly about her relationship with fellow pop star Shawn Mendes: “We’re just two kids in love.”

Nov. 27, 2019

The collection is also her second release since she left the girl group Fifth Harmony, which launched the singer’s star on the American talent-search series “The X Factor.”

“This time, life was the roller coaster, and the studio was where I went to document it,” she told The Times in November.

Her “Cinderella” story begins shooting this month, and after that, she’ll start her “Romance” tour in Europe and North America in the summer.