‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki arrested in Texas after allegedly hitting bar employees


A visibly drunk Jared Padalecki was arrested early Sunday after witnesses said he slugged an assistant manager and general manager outside a club in Austin, Texas.

The “Supernatural” star was taken in on charges of assault with injury shortly after 2 a.m. outside Stereotype, a ’90s-themed bar that opened in 2018.

After getting in a verbal spat that turned physical inside the bar, the 6-foot-4 actor was escorted outside by employees, a police affidavit said. Padalecki, 37, began arguing with an assistant manager, Ian Flanagan, who attempted to go back inside. Padalecki tried to follow but was stopped by bar employees, Flanagan told police.

At that point, Padalecki allegedly slapped the assistant manager in the face with one hand, then hit him in the upper lip with the heel of his other hand, leaving no visible mark, the report said.

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Oct. 10, 2019


General manager Tyler Carr, who told police that Padalecki was the owner of Stereotype, was working at another bar that night but came over after getting a call about the brouhaha.

He told police he tried to keep the actor and the assistant manager apart, then Padalecki allegedly “put his hands on” an unidentified doorman. After Carr pulled the actor off the doorman, the report said, Padalecki fell down, got back up and then allegedly punched the general manager with a closed fist, leaving a bleeding, inch-and-a-half-long cut by Carr’s left eyebrow.

“Jared appeared to be intoxicated. Jared had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath,” one of the arresting officers wrote in the report. “He was swaying side to side while standing, and his eyes were watery. Jared was also smiling and laughing. I thought this behavior to be odd due to a different man in the area with an obvious head injury.”

A representative for Padalecki didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment Monday. “Supernatural,” which also stars Jensen Ackles, is nearing the end of its 15th and final season on the CW. While the long-running series was filmed in and around Vancouver, B.C., Padalecki and Ackles both have Texas roots.

Officers said they handcuffed Padalecki after he said he didn’t want to talk to one of them and then repeatedly touched them and their body cameras. He was ultimately arrested on charges of public intoxication and assault with injury. Both Carr and Flanagan said they want to pursue the assault charges, the report said.

According to TMZ, the actor’s bond was set at $15,000 for the three alleged offenses. It was unclear Monday whether he’d bailed out yet or appeared in court.