Photos: Drake’s Toronto mansion is, in a word, outrageous — and has Twitter talking

Drake appears to have spared no expense on his 50,000-square-foot Toronto mansion.
Drake appears to have spared no expense on his 50,000-square-foot Toronto mansion.
(Bethany Mollenkof / Los Angeles Times)

Talk about hotline bling. Rapper Drake is living that lifestyle, with a mansion to match.

The performer appears to have spared no expense decorating his 50,000-square-foot Toronto home, which is featured in the May issue of Architectural Digest. Drake told the magazine he wanted to erect a structure that would last 100 years, with “a monumental scale and feel.”

Um, mission accomplished?

“Drake Manor, as envisioned by Canadian architectural and interior designer Ferris Rafauli, is a marvel of old-world craftsmanship, constructed of limestone, bronze, exotic woods and other noble materials,” reporter Mayer Rus wrote. “Every detail of the sprawling property has been meticulously conceived and executed.”

Of course, wags on social media Wednesday had their own opinions about the distinctive property: “Drake’s home is the nicest Las Vegas hotel I’ve ever seen,” BuzzFeed writer Sylvia Obell tweeted.


A podcaster criticized him for showing off what she described as his “real housewives of dubai” property amid a recession, tweeting, “He cannot read the room because he has covered it in marble and gold piping.”

“Drake could have saved himself a lot of money by just moving into a foreclosed mall or an abandoned Cheesecake Factory,” yet another writer tweeted.

Here are three gentler takeaways about Drake’s fancy house, arrived at after perusing all of photographer Jason Schmidt’s pictures:

Our next party will be on Drake’s staircase

New Year’s Eve, Passover, Christmas, MLK Day, NFL Draft Day, World Immunization Day or hey, even this coming Friday — the occasion doesn’t matter.

We simply want to arrange our party guests on these spectacular suspended cantilevered block marble stairs and admire how shabby all of them look when they’re surrounded by Drake’s Rafauli chandeliers, a.k.a. awesome all-occasion decorations.


Just imagine the Instagram selfies.

A home’s not a home without a regulation basketball court

Drake is clearly aware of his often-chilly Toronto surroundings, as evidenced by his at-home exercise equipment: In addition to an indoor pool, the singer’s mansion has an official NBA-size basketball court.

It’s personalized with details inspired by the singer’s lifestyle brand, October’s Very Own, in case Drake forgets who is the home team. Seating is extremely limited — but every seat is courtside and upholstered in pale blue velvet. And that’s a “pyramidal skylight” up there on the ceiling.

We’d be happy living in Drake’s master closet

Curling up on the banquette in Drake’s two-story master closet sounds like a vacation after weeks cooped up in a two-bedroom condo. Seriously, how many sofas have diamond-tufted shearling? Drake’s closet couch does.

We swear we wouldn’t touch the collections of sneakers and Hermès Birkin bags. Especially not the Birkins, as those are reserved for the woman Drake winds up with.

Check out more of Drake’s mansion in the May 2020 issue of Architectural Digest.

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