Now that these nude celebrities have your attention, they want you to vote

Celebrities from Chris Rock to Mark Ruffalo stripped to explain the concept of “naked ballots.”


It seems like every election is “the most important one yet.

This year, though, from publicity stunts on Voter Registration Day to stripping nude to send a message, celebrities have become particularly engaged in politics.

On Wednesday, the grassroots, anti-corruption campaign RepresentUs released a video of famous folks — comedian Sarah Silverman, actor Mark Ruffalo and model Naomi Campbell, among others — explaining the concept of “naked ballots.”

“I know what you’re thinking — you’re thinking, Ruffalo, put your clothes on,” the barechested “Avengers” actor said to the camera.


“Did you know that ballots could be naked?” actress Ryan Bathe asked.

“And if you don’t do exactly what I tell you, your ballot could get thrown out,” Silverman added, talking about mail-in ballots.

The celebrity crew explained that in states such as Pennsylvania, if a voter fails to place a ballot in both an inner and outer envelope, it’s considered “naked” and won’t count.

The Hollywood advice comes after the top elections official in Philadelphia, Lisa Deeley, cautioned that a recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court invalidated “naked ballots” — which could contribute to the voiding of more than 100,000 votes in the state.

“You can be naked, but your ballots cannot,” quips the RepresentUs website.

Comedians Chris Rock and Tiffany Haddish, actor Josh Gad and others explained the main points of voting by mail and stressed the importance of following the instructions that come with your ballot.

“I know that’s, like, literally the least sexy thing a completely naked person could say,” Gad admitted.

“Take your clothes off, and vote,” comedian-actress Amy Schumer said, straightfaced.

“America needs you,” Silverman said, saluting the camera.

In a new trailer for the next Borat film, Sacha Baron Cohen’s titular character pokes fun at Trump’s America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oct. 1, 2020

The video also featured guest appearances by Silverman’s dad, Schleppy (also naked), andBritish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in character as fictional (and fully clothed) Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev.

Cohen has recently pulled a few publicity stunts of his own for his latest project. The sequel to the 2006 mockumentary “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” is coming to Amazon Prime Video Oct. 23 — 11 days before the Upresidential election.