Here’s more hellish fun from Ryan Reynolds’ dating ad for when Satan met 2020

Satan and 2020 cuddle in an ad for Match.
Satan and 2020 cuddle in a Match ad from Ryan Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort.
(Maximum Effort)

But wait — there’s more! More from Ryan Reynolds and Match, that is. Thursday brought a follow-up to what Taylor Swift called an “LOLsome” ad that came out a day prior, tracing the romance between Satan and the woman known as 2020.

Part 2 features a video sit-down with our Match couple — again made by Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort — done in the style of those happy-couple interviews from the 1989 rom-com “When Harry Met Sally....” Alas, there’s no Swift tune in Thursday’s video.

“Oh, I’ve dated much worse guys than him. Much worse. At least he’s famous,” 2020 says, sitting next to Satan on a crushed-velvet sofa.


Then, Satan — not played by Reynolds, by the way — describes how he used tools on Match to search for his perfect woman. “I filtered out joy, happiness, toilet paper and reason,” he says, evoking memories of Jack Nicholson’s character from 1997’s “As Good as It Gets.”

“Boom,” 2020 says, pointing at herself.

That sigh of relief you’re hearing? It’s coming from every person who’s ever dated Satan, expressing relief that he’s finally off the market. This is not, we believe, a small number of people.

“Most years I’ve dated have been a little, I dunno, straightforward?,” Satan says, revisiting his dating history. “I mean, there’s a little misery, but nothing truly soul-crushing about them.”

Having met 2020 personally, we can vouch for her particulars in the soul-crushing department.

Ryan Reynolds uses Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ in a very 2020 ad for dating site Match — because this year has really gone to hell. Even Satan agrees.

Dec. 2, 2020

“I just want to be remembered, you know?” 2020 says. “Do you know the poem ‘The Road Less Traveled’ by Shakespeare? I actually have the tattoo of it.”

“Don’t ask me where,” Satan chimes in, flashing a big smile.

“You devil,” 2020 replies, with Satan admitting he’s guilty as charged.

The big red guy continues: “She gets me. That’s the best part. When you meet someone that takes time to see beneath the surface.”

“Of the Earth,” 2020 says.

The new ad closes with the same tagline as the first, with “2021” poofing in as a replacement for 2020 in the line “Make 2020 your year.”