The milk-crate challenge has people asking: Where are all these crates from?

A massive stack of blue, black and gray plastic milk crates
Milk crates are taking over social media in the latest viral challenge.
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Following a story line laid out by the “cinnamon challenge” and those darn Tide Pods, milk crates are the latest culprits in a series of unfortunate events on social media.

Unfazed by a potential ER visit amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the country are attempting the #cratechallenge, in which a person can rack up tens of thousands of views simply by falling onto asphalt from a seven-crate peak.

Here’s how the #cratechallenge works: Participants stack the milk crates in a podium that gradually ascends then gradually descends — think of the podium Olympic medalists stand on — with the highest crate in the middle. Be it on concrete, dirt or grass, competitors are tasked with scaling the crates successfully.

YouTube is absolutely filled with videos of teens doing stupid things - but perhaps none are quite as stupid as eating liquid laundry detergent.

Jan. 18, 2018


A user on social media tweeted a video of a man rolling a blunt while accomplishing the difficult feat. “Here we have the official Gold Medalist of the Hood Olympics,” they wrote. Another shared a video of a woman completing the challenge flawlessly while in heels.

The challenge has resulted in a lot of laughs on TikTok and Twitter, along with some brutal injuries and one resounding question from celebrities and the public alike: Where are people getting these milk crates from?

The responses have been, well, varied.

A Twitter user named @Kelle shared a play-by-play of the saga happening in their area and wrote, “Y’alllll these young dudes in my neighborhood are in the bodega trying to negotiate buying crates.” Nearly four hours later, @Kelle tweeted a picture of an ambulance, captioned, “Crate challenge over.”

Another user wrote, “There be mad crates in front of and behind bodegas and corner stores, in alley ways, playgrounds, etc....if u never been to the hood just say that.”

As quarantine and stay-at-home orders trap people indoors, the olds are infiltrating the youth-driven world of the TikTok dance challenge.

April 10, 2020