Lizzo grants queer writer Aurielle Marie’s wish: A fab dress to wear to Out100 honors

A woman in a tulle dress sings into a microphone
Lizzo performs in a D. Auxilly dress at the American Music Awards in L.A. in November 2019.
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images for dcp)

When Atlanta writer Aurielle Marie steps on stage as an honoree at Out magazine’s OUT100 event Thursday night, they will do so in full Lizzo style, quite literally.

In a plea on TikTok, the queer “Gumbo Ya Ya” writer asked Lizzo if she could borrow the red Giambattista Valli haute couture gown the performer had worn to the 2022 Primetime Emmys.

“I know you know how it feels to be the biggest b— in the room and all the scrutiny and hyper-visibility that comes with that because I’ve watched you talk about it,” Marie told Lizzo in the video. “But the longer I go without something to wear, the less I want to be there.”

Marie said they were making the request via video because “you never know what can happen” and asked, “Can I please, please, please wear your dress from the 2022 Emmys, please, which is my favorite!”


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June 17, 2022

And Lizzo came through, as evidenced in a TikTok published to Marie’s 300,000-plus followers on Tuesday, albeit with a slightly different but similarly fabulous gown.

Marie recorded their screaming and teary reaction after a big box arrived at the Atlanta home she shares with her wife. Inside was the tiered magenta tulle D. Auxilly dress Lizzo wore for her performance at the American Music Awards in 2019.

It fit Marie perfectly.

“I might’ve gotten a few tears on your dress @lizzo, my bad babe!,” Marie wrote in a caption on her video Tuesday. “Words dont suffice, and thank you isnt enough. But THANK YOU! I’m speechless. Y’all! A b— is certified LIZZO SIZED!!!!!! And LOOK AT THIS GOWN! @Out Magazine here i come!”

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Sept. 28, 2022

D. Auxilly designer Dominique Galbraith explained how her work challenges the fashion industry’s sizing bias last year in Kontrol Brides magazine.

“I’m very hands-on with my clients and a lot of designers start brands but don’t sew,” Galbraith said. “They sketch something and send it to a patternmaker. I was working hands-on with women of all sizes from that age of 18.


“Because I was working with such a diverse clientele that wanted to wear the things I made for myself, I had to be able to make sure something looked good on a client regardless of her size. Who am I to tell someone they can’t wear something? I’m gonna make it work on any size.”

Marie, whom Out described as an essayist, poet and cultural strategist, told the magazine that she has learned the lesson that self-sacrifice is not sustainable and is happier for it.

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Aug. 11, 2022

“I don’t think of myself so highly that I can claim to be a revolutionary storyteller yet, but I hope when my work is done here, I would have told the whole truth well enough that someone can say that I got close,” Marie said in the article published late last month. “My purpose is to tell our stories honestly, no matter how intricate and complex they are. There is such freedom in all this mess.”

And that freedom will be on display starting at 5 p.m. Pacific Thursday night and streaming at and on the magazine’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Eureka O’Hara and Shangela, stars of HBO’s “We’re Here,” will host.