Letters to the Editor: A theater critic’s masterful take on being a reviewer

Stephanie J. Block wears a bright outfit in the Broadway revival of 'Into the Woods.'
Stephanie J. Block as the Baker’s Wife in Lear deBessonet’s production of “Into the Woods.”
(Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman)
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Regarding “Revivals that Spur Reevaluation” [Jan. 6]: Wow. Forget the reviews of the shows. Just make the first part of this masterpiece by theater critic Charles McNulty required reading in every school of journalism.

I don’t know when or where I’ve ever read a more insightful, revealing article on what goes into being a reviewer. Making others following in his footsteps aware of it could be his greatest contribution to the craft.

Sorry if it feels like I’m laying it on thick, but I’m not. I really do feel that this is a masterful piece of writing.


John Snyder
Newbury Park

‘Lite’ on any kind of sense

On a daily basis, I am flabbergasted that “Reply All Lite” is an actual comic that runs in the newspaper.

For almost six months now, I’ve been attempting to figure out what the creator of this one is even attempting to do, and I’m no closer to a solution than when this quest began. Each day, it’s a single poorly “drawn” person either holding a cup of coffee or what appears to be a cellphone in front of their face, or someone sitting in front of a laptop, and this person makes a nonsensical comment to no one in particular. And that’s it. Always.

Chad Silver
Sherman Oaks

Has ‘Doonesbury’ crossed a line?

I’ve been a subscriber to the L.A. Times for more than 50 years, and this is the first time I am saddened by the content, specifically Sunday’s “Doonesbury.”

The name calling is just out of character for your publication, and the fact it is directed at female professionals who are trying their best to keep this country safe and informed, really?

Paul Frost


Sunday’s “Doonesbury” was incredibly offensive to women and racist. I can’t believe you would allow this cartoon to be published or support the cartoonist who published it any longer.

Horrible comic.

Bonnie Carlston