Chloë Bailey announced a new single with Chris Brown and fans are not happy

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Chris Brown and Chloë Bailey.
(Paul R. Giunta; Jordan Strauss / Invision via Associated Press)

Chloë Bailey announced a collaboration Thursday that had fans calling her out on social media.

On Thursday, Bailey tweeted a photo promoting the second single, “How Does It Feel,” from her upcoming debut solo album, “In Pieces,” and fans were not pleased when they saw disgraced R&B artist Chris Brown as her featured guest.

The tweet tagged Brown and featured a steamy shot of the two embracing in a dimly lit room. Fans were heated, but not in the way Bailey may have hoped. Brown isn’t exactly known for his music these days but, rather, for his 2009 assault of Rihanna and his many subsequent legal issues.

“chloe bailey making a song with chris brown in 2023, it’s like she’s afraid of success,” tweeted @jennytheleo.


“We’re failing Black women in music if they feel like they have to collaborate with a known abuser in order to chart,” commented Philadelphia Magazine editor-at-large Ernest Owens.

Bailey and her sister, Halle Bailey, are signed to Beyoncé’s record label, Parkwood Entertainment, which has fans questioning whether Queen Bey signed off on the pairing.

“Did Beyoncé approve this...” tweeted @fiercalicious.

Fans are also wondering, why Chris Brown?

“@ChloeBailey was giveon not available? anderson paak? khalid? bruno mars? daniel caesar? or literally anyone else?” tweeted @trickybrina.