Jimmy Fallon enlists Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell for a quarantine soap opera


If your days feel long and unexciting, some “Saturday Night Live” veterans are here for some dramatic laughs.

On Wednesday night’s at-home episode of “The Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon and fellow quarantined comedians Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell put on some ridiculous wigs and absurd accents for a spoof titled “The Longest Days Our Life.”

The four-minute video-chat soap opera was inspired by — you guessed it — the stay-at-home and social-distancing measures due to the coronavirus crisis.

“Vanessa, what is it? You look like you a have a very big, juicy secret to tell me,” the blond-haired Fallon (who played Winston) says to his girlfriend, Vanessa (Wiig).

She confesses that she’s been cheating on him with his brother. A dismayed, confused Fallon gasps and retorts: “How could you? We’re all social distancing and quarantined. Was it through, like, Skype or something?”


“It was through, like, Skype or something, yes,” responds Vanessa.

But it was not Winston’s brother Alejandro (Ferrell) with whom Vanessa cheated. Was it his “long-lost other brother” Montgomery, also played by Ferrell? It wasn’t him either. It was with Winston’s “other, other brother,” Fontaine (Ferrell again).

As more twists and turns unfold throughout the comedy sketch, the “Saturday Night Live” veterans sometimes can’t quite keep it together, especially during Ferrell’s hilarious costume changes. At one point, Wiig randomly throws on a blond wig and a fuzzy scarf and becomes Melinda Charmin, heiress to the Charmin toilet paper fortune.

And in true soap-opera form, “The Longest Days of Our Lives” ends with a cliffhanger.