David Harbour is using quarantine to plan the future of ‘Stranger Things’

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Season 3 of "Stranger Things."

In the premiere episode of The Times’ new TV podcast, “Can’t Stop Watching,” host and staff writer Yvonne Villarreal asks “Stranger Things” star David Harbour about his life since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, which he’s waiting out in the U.K. with his girlfriend and her two children:

I did that thing that people talk about: I was watching [New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s] broadcast. I just picked up a bag and I threw a couple clothes in it. I drove to the airport, and I just bought a ticket. I mean, I had a mask and I had, like, all this hand sanitizer... I have days where it’s so incredible I get to spend this time with these people I really care about, and then I have days where I’m like, “I just want to go to a coffee shop, and I want someone to come over and hug me.” So it’s this weird mixture. I have great days and I have horrible days.

While production of Season 4 of “Stranger Things” is on hold for now, we caught up with Harbour to discuss what his character, gruff small-town police chief Jim Hopper, would do in quarantine; the lie he told Aaron Sorkin while working on “The Newsroom”; and connecting with the Duffer brothers to plan the future of Netflix’s sci-fi/horror hit. Listen to the full interview on Episode 1 of “Can’t Stop Watching” here:


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