Pardon the fan freakout, but ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ trailer has arrived


Blame pandemic boredom: We are insanely excited about the upcoming sequel to Netflix’s 2018 high school rom-com “The Kissing Booth.”

Like, marking-the-release-date-on-the-calendar excited, planning-watch-parties excited, dragging-quarantine-buddies-over-and-forcing-them-to-watch-the-trailer-on-the-laptop excited.

Per the official trailer, which dropped Monday, “The Kissing Booth 2” brings back leads Elle Evans, Lee Flynn and Noah Flynn — played by Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi, respectively — and introduces total “snack” Marco, a new classmate played by Taylor Zakhar Perez.


It also brings back writer-director-producer Vince Marcello as well as Elle and Lee’s fundraising kissing booth, though it doesn’t dare give away which tall, dark hunk our leading lady is eventually going to smooch.

They had just finished up a round of Skee-Ball when they were spotted by a couple of teenage girls meekly clutching iPhones.

“The Kissing Booth 2” finds newly reconciled lifelong buds Elle and Lee starting their senior year of high school while Elle’s boyfriend, Noah, chimes in from Harvard, the school he wants Elle to attend next year.

(But wait! She promised long ago to go to Berkeley with Lee! Just like she promised Lee in “KB1” that his brother Noah was off limits romantically! Hmm. We know how that one worked out. And thus one of the story lines is set.)

But Elle is also dealing with jealousy over Noah, who is surrounded by beautiful girls at college, and “OMG girls” Olivia, Mia and Gwyneth are doing nothing to help as usual.

“With different ZIP Codes, breakups are basically automatic,” an OMG explains after Elle says she and Noah haven’t broken up.

And Marco? He’s tall, dreamy and appears to make Elle turn into a huge dork, just like Noah used to do.

Will Elle and Lee make up after divergent college dreams rock their friendship? Will Noah and Elle stay together after he goes out with “the guys” and leaves his cellphone at home? And will anyone wind up with Marco?

We really don’t care about those answers right now, of course. Too busy counting down to July 24, when “KB2” goes live on Netflix.