Stephen Colbert mocks Eric Trump’s RNC appearance with scathing impression


Eric Trump made an appearance Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention — as did Stephen Colbert’s scathing impression of him shortly after the event wrapped.

Colbert reprised his popular Eric Trump act during the latest episode of “The Late Show,” which has been airing live this week and last week to cover the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Before taking the stage during the second night of the RNC, Eric Trump showed his support for Night 1 speaker Herschel Walker on Twitter, declaring that the NFL star “hit it out of the park” with his speech about President Trump.

“Eric, um, that’s not what they do in the NFL,” Colbert quipped before curling back his upper lip and adopting a nasally tone. “Herschel Walker did a slam dunk-le! He made a hole-in-one polo pony! He netted a good tennis — Yahtzee!”


The comedian then lifted a handful of soundbites from Eric Trump’s RNC address, in which he spoke of “a movement” that was “forming just below the surface” and praised his father for his actions in office.

“Eric, did your father never have the talk with you?” Colbert joked. “Well, when a young man meets a porn star and she has a rolled-up copy of Forbes magazine with his picture on — oh, you know the story. OK.

“Eric then listed some of his dad’s greatest hits ... I’ll do a few more: Democratic norms: ‘dead.’ 170,000 Americans your father could have protected: ‘dead.’ My soul from watching these last two nights: ‘dead.’”

And, of course, Colbert couldn’t help but poke fun at Eric Trump’s unofficial status as the forgotten son of Trump’s five children — a running joke among critics of the Trump family — after the first son ended his remarks by speaking “directly to my father.”

“Hello, my name is Eric,” Colbert resumed his impression. “It is a pleasure to meet you. Would you like a booth in the front or the back?”

First Lady Melania Trump and two of the president’s adult children, Eric and Tiffany Trump, spoke on the second night of the Republican National Convention, making it an unusual family affair.

Aug. 25, 2020


Colbert also threw some shade at First Lady Melania Trump, who stepped out at the RNC in a military-green trench-coat dress and promised to “build upon” her Be Best youth initiative should her husband be elected for a second term.

“Then it was Melania time, and she dressed to impress — or to command the Soviet Tank Corps,” Colbert said. “Just saying, if you have to continue to ‘build’ on it, maybe it wasn’t ‘best.’”