Who should play Mike Pence’s fly on ‘SNL’? Twitter rallies for Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly"
Jeff Goldblum in the 1986 horror film “The Fly.”
(Atilla Dori)

The first and only vice presidential debate morphed into a sequel to Jeff Goldblum’s “The Fly” after a tiny insect unexpectedly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head.

You could say life found a way to bring the 1986 Goldblum film back into the cultural conversation Wednesday as Twitter began to discuss who should play the scene-stealing bug on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

After much buzz about the watercooler moment, social media came to an overwhelming consensus that Goldblum should reprise his role as the mad-scientist-turned-fly on the NBC sketch comedy.

“LORNE MICHAELS,” tweeted Sky News’ Max Preston, addressing the creator of “SNL.” “I IMPLORE YOU... PLEASE... GET JEFF GOLDBLUM TO PLAY THE FLY ON @NBCSNL THIS WEEKEND!!!”

“SNL better be placing a call to Jeff Goldblum right now,” agreed “Bad Faith” podcast cohost Briahna Joy Gray, adding some clapping emojis for dramatic effect.


Directed by David Cronenberg, the sci-fi horror film starred Goldblum as eccentric scientist Seth Brundle, who starts to transform into a fly in an experiment gone horribly wrong. The “Jurassic Park” actor did not return to play the fly later in the franchise, but thanks to Pence’s new fuzzy friend, he might get a second chance to re-create his performance on the small screen.

“I think we can all agree the winner of tonight’s #VPDebate was Jeff Goldblum,” tweeted comedian Randy Rainbow, along with a GIF of a fly rubbing its furry feelers together.

“If SNL doesn’t get Jeff Goldblum to play the fly in this week’s episode, they’re missing a massive opportunity,” wrote “Superstore” actress Lauren Ash.

Reps for Goldblum did not immediately respond to the Los Angeles Times’ requests for comment Thursday.

But not everyone is waiting for an actor to impersonate America’s favorite insect. A white Pence wig with a built-in critter is now available for purchase just in time for the Halloween costume search.

‘Mike Pence’s fly just became the most popular Halloween costume of 2020,’ late-night host Jimmy Kimmel said after the vice presidential debate.

Oct. 8, 2020

And multiple accounts have already been created on Twitter for the sole purpose of pretending to be “Mike Pence’s Fly.” One page with such a name — and a cover photo of the fly waving a Biden-Harris sign atop the vice president’s head — has amassed more than 112,000 followers.

“That was awful,” read one tweet from the account, racking up more than 169,000 likes. “Wait do i have covid now,” read another, referring to the recent coronavirus outbreak at the White House. “Oh god.”


See more tweets about the fly — and “The Fly” — below.