Sherri Shepherd is ‘not mad’ at Wendy Williams: ‘She’s going through a lot’

Separate head shots of Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd
Wendy Williams, left, recently spoke in an interview about fellow TV host Sherri Shepherd.
(Evan Agostini; Willy Sanjuan / Invision / AP)

Sherri Shepherd is “not mad” at Wendy Williams after her fellow TV host said she “won’t be watching” Shepherd’s new show.

This weekend on Instagram Live, Shepherd responded to a recent interview between Williams and rapper Fat Joe, who asked the former radio personality for her thoughts on Shepherd’s upcoming daytime series.

In February, media company Debmar-Mercury announced that Shepherd’s program would take over the time slot currently filled by “The Wendy Williams Show.”


“I did hear Wendy say she will not watch me on the new show, and that’s OK,” Shepherd said on Instagram. “I understand. I’m not mad at Wendy. She’s going through a lot.”

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While speaking with Fat Joe last week, Williams said she likes Shepherd but won’t be tuning in to her show because she knows “what she’s gonna be doing, and that’s really not my thing.”

“But I love being on my own show, and I love that people love to watch it,” Williams added.

Williams hasn’t been on her own show since July 2021, when she promised to return as host in “two months and two weeks.” But her comeback was repeatedly delayed by myriad health issues, including a case of COVID-19.

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Williams is also battling Graves’ disease, a thyroid-related autoimmune condition that has forced her to take an extended break from TV. In her absence, Shepherd and others have been guest-hosting “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“Everybody should be praying for Wendy right now,” Shepherd said over the weekend.

“I’m really, truly concerned about her because I don’t feel like there’s anybody over there protecting her. ... But I’m not mad at Wendy because she won’t watch my show.”

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Continuing to sympathize, Shepherd promptly shut down a fan who called Williams “bitter.” In the past, Shepherd said, she and Williams have been “friendly” but explained that Williams has avoided befriending other celebrities because their relationship would make it harder for her to talk about them on her gossip program.

“There’s a lot going on in her life right now,” Shepherd said. “So I’m not going to put the label of her being bitter. ... She’s not well.”

When asked by Fat Joe if she still intends to come back to “The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams said “absolutely.” Her long-running chat show is currently in its 13th season, which will be its last.


Earlier this year, Williams told “Good Morning America” that her “health is very well.”

“Keep watching because I’m going to be back on the ‘Wendy’ show,” Williams told the morning show in March. “Bigger and brighter than ever.”