Banksy arrives ... on Twitter


New York isn’t the only place that Banksy is taking up residence these days. The anonymous Britain-based street artist -- who announced a monthlong, October rollout of new works on the streets of Manhattan via his website Tuesday – also started a Twitter account this week as well.

So far @Banksyny has racked up more than 6,000 followers in two days. The artist, whose identity has never been publicly confirmed, is using as his Twitter profile photo a picture of a cheeky-looking monkey held up over his face.

“Well this should be entertaining -- lets see what happens,” was Banksy’s first tweet Tuesday.


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Which was quickly followed by: “looking fwd to getting my hands dirty tonight... #banksyny.”

Banksy’s four tweets so far (if he is, in fact, tweeting for himself) are largely promoting his upcoming New York “residency,” “Better Out Than In.” The most recent tweet, on Wednesday, was: “New York -- you’re just my type.”

According to the blogger RJ Rushmore, a student at Haverford College in Pennsylvania who goes by @vandalog on Twitter, Banksy registered the domain name last weekend.

“Banksy really didn’t want people finding out about his show too early. Domain name was only registered on Saturday,” he tweeted, with a link to the Network Solutions page.

As for whom the mysterious street artist follows on Twitter, there’s just one account listed under “Following.” Not surprisingly, it links to Banksy’s new Instagram account.


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