Culver City Art
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Culver City Art Overview

The burgeoning Culver City Art District spotlights a variety of styles and forms: local, national and international; emerging and established; traditional genres and new media. Vincent Valdez captures a foreboding air in “Now or Never” (2007). (Vincent Valdez / Western Project)
Manuel Ocampo’s study in oppression is titled “Monument to the Failed Liberation of the World I” (2007). (Brian Forrest / Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery)
Teo Gonzalez applies gold, acrylic, pigment and enamel to a clay board in “Untitled #430” (2007). (Teo Gonzalez / d.e.n. contemporary art)
“This Bride’s Fate” (2007), by Alexis Weidig, puts a chair, artificial pearl beads, a basket and found objects in suspended animation. (Alexis Weidig / Overtones gallery)
Gregory Euclide combines mixed-media on paper in “Present Perfect.” (Gregory Euclide / BLK/MRKT Gallery)
Gregory Euclide’s “System Quaking: Cluster Shake” is part of the exhibition “Gregory Euclide: The Walks I Take Turn to Paper,” on display at BLK/MRKT Gallery in October 2007. (Gregory Euclide / BLK/MRKT Gallery)
Manuel Ocampo follows his earlier study with “Monument to the Failed Liberation of the World II” (2007). (Brian Forrest / Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery)
Marina Moevs blends sea, sun, sky and mist in “Fog II” (2007). (Robert Wedemeyer / Koplin Del Rio Gallery)