Interior Secretary Salazar to review Eisenhower Memorial designs


The embattled Eisenhower Memorial in Washington has drawn the interest of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who will be reviewing the designs by architect Frank Gehry. The request could result in yet another delay for the project, which has already been plagued by a number of disagreements.

In an email sent Wednesday to various congressional staff, Carl Reddel, executive director of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission, said that Salazar would like to see the design models for the memorial later this month.

The development means that the group won’t present to the Commission of Fine Arts on June 21 or the National Capital Planning Commission on July 12, as previously scheduled.


Salazar’s spokesman has told reporters that the secretary has not requested a delay in the approval process.

Members of the Eisenhower family have voiced a number of objections to Gehry’s design, resulting in the architect’s making changes. But the family still has not given its seal of approval, finding fault with the metal scrims, or tapestries, that Gehry included in his design.

Susan Eisenhower, who has led the family’s opposition to Gehry’s conception, told the Washington Post that she and her sister Anne had met with Salazar at his request.

The memorial commission has voiced its support of Gehry’s designs, thus putting itself at odds with the family.


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