Orange County museum names 32 triennial artists from Seoul to San Francisco


Who’s afraid of the big, broad biennial? Not Dan Cameron, who organized ambitious exhibition events like Prospect New Orleans before becoming chief curator at the Orange County Museum of Art last year.

Now, his first big group show in his new job is shaping up to be a global mash-up shaped by seismic geopolitical undercurrents. Called the California-Pacific Triennial, the show features 32 artists from 15 countries that border the Pacific Ocean.

This show replaces the California Biennial, a regular museum attraction that often promised more than it delivered, and the new project has a more sustainable every-three-years schedule.


On Monday the museum is releasing its list of artists chosen for the first show, running June 30 through Nov. 17.

The L.A. contingent: Brice Bischoff, Farrah Karapetian, Danial Nord, Mitchell Syrop, Koki Tanaka, Mark Dean Veca and Robert Legorreta.

Completing the U.S. list are John Bankston and Camille Utterback from San Francisco and Akio Takamori and Whiting Tennis from Seattle.

There are also artists hailing from various points in Latin America and Asia as well as Canada:

--Fernando Bryce from Lima, Peru

--Masaya Chiba from Tokyo

--Tiffany Chung from Saigon

--Hugo Crosthwaite from Tijuana

--Gabriel de la Mora, Pedro Friedeberg and Yoshua Okon from Mexico City

--Dario Escobar from Guatemala City

--Shaun Gladwell and Raquel Ormella from Sydney

--Kim Beom and Kimsooja from Seoul

--Michael Lin from Shanghai

--Liz Magor from Vancouver, Canada

--Eko Nugroho from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

--Sebastián Preece from Santiago, Chile

--Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook from Chiang Mai, Thailand

--Adriana Salazar from Bogota, Colombia

--Lin Tianmiao and Wang Guangle from Beijing

--Adán Vallecillo from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

These artists work in a variety of mediums, so it’s hard to predict particular threads or themes in advance. But one thing is clear: With almost three-quarters of the artists over the age of 40, this is not a speculative sort of showcase for hot young things.