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Roundup: CIA writing manuals, Instagram TV and alien phone chargers

Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
The Corcoran Gallery of Art, one of the nation’s oldest private art museums, is facing dissolution. An advocacy group is trying to prevent that.
(Kevin Wolf / Associated Press)

I’m officially out this week (enjoying the sauna that is New York), but there’s always time for a roundup. And it’s got all kinds of weirdness, from a CIA writing manual to the attempt to save a brutalist building by Paul Rudolph to stories about incredibly large statues that offend. Internet, you never disappoint:

We begin with a Facebook plug-in that allows you to manipulate your own feelings. (Art F City)

— Plus, there’s an Instagram “television series” — and it’s about artists and the art world. It’s pretty funny.

— And, a cellphone charging station for aliens, a work of art created by Los Angeles creative services company iam8bit.


The CIA has a writing manual. And it’s kind of riveting. Sample: “Free World: is at best an imprecise designation. Use only in quoted matter.”

— Salvadoran president turns the country’s presidential palace into an art center.

An absolutely flabbergasting story about the 1978 World Cup held in Argentina — and the dictatorship it helped prop up. Drop whatever you’re doing and read this piece.

“Loud, playful and often disorienting.” Ryder Ripps, Internet artist, programmer and founder of the manic image/chat site, gets the New York Times profile treatment.


— Sort of related: The Guardian now has Internet art.

— An advocacy group in Washington, D.C. is trying to stop the dissolution of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

— The Guggenheim Museum’s famous rotunda gallery in New York has been an all-male zone since 2011, reports Art F City.

— The Huntington Library has acquired two important works by African American artists.

— From the Department of Incredibly Large Statues that Irritate Residents of Long Island, parts one and two

— In Goshen, N.Y., trying to save a prime example of Paul Rudolph’s brutalist architecture.

— Christopher Hawthorne reconsiders Peter Zumthor’s plan for his Cylon Base Star ... I mean LACMA building.

— Museum director Michael Govan, however, says Zumthor’s project will add a noteworthy new piece of architecture to the L.A. landscape.


— L.A.’s old Cold War sirens.

How to be totally metal while remodeling your home. 

— And then there’s this: Because when you restage your old performance art pieces you want to be wearing Adidas: Marina Abramovic has her own World Cup ad. For serious.

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