Classic Hollywood: ‘Black Lagoon,’ ‘Star Wars’ art among vintage posters on view before Bonhams auction

Classic Hollywood Sider

A 1940 poster for the 1939 film “Gone With the Wind.”

(TCM / Bonhams Auction Images)

An original Dan Goozee preliminary painting for a 1977 “Star Wars” poster, a one-sheet from the 1954 3-D horror classic “Creature From the Black Lagoon,” a French poster of Jean Cocteau’s 1946 masterpiece “Beauty and the Beast” and a poster from the 1933 Greta Garbo historical drama “Queen Christina” are among the stunning offerings at Bonhams and Turner Classic Movies’ latest auction collaboration, “Picture Perfect: The Art of Movie Posters.” The auction takes place July 20 at Bonhams, 7601 Sunset Blvd.

Though most of these posters are far too pricey for the average die-hard film fan, Bonhams is having four days of auction viewings starting July 16 so you get to see these historical images in person. For more information go to

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