Bruce Rosenblum exiting Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Television Group Chief Executive Bruce Rosenblum is resigning less than six months after being passed over for the top job at the movie and television production giant.

“Bruce has been a vital member of the Warner Bros. family and a good friend to so many of us, and he will be missed,” new Warner Bros. Chief Executive Kevin Tsujihara and former CEO Barry Meyer said in an email to the studio’s staff.

Rosenblum’s departure had been expected after Jeff Bewkes, the chief executive of Warner Bros. parent Time Warner Inc., chose Tsujihara, who had headed the studio’s home entertainment unit, to succeed Meyer as head of all of Warner Bros.


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Peter Roth, the president of Warner Bros. Television, the creative unit within Warner Bros. Television Group, will take on greater oversight of the studio’s television operations and will report directly to Tsujihara. An announcement of a reorganization of the television group could be announced in the near future.

Although Roth will grow in stature, he is not expected to assume Rosenblum’s title as Tsujhara is looking to remove layers in the executive ranks.

Rosenblum ran the highly successful Warner Bros. TV group for almost decade and has been with the studio for almost 25 years. His disappointment in not getting the Meyer job was no secret. He, Tsujihara and movie chief Jeff Robinov were in something of a bake-off for the position.

“In his 25 years at Warner Bros., as all of you know, Bruce helped build one of the world’s most successful global television production and distribution operations,” Tsujihara and Meyer said.

Time Warner brass had been talking with Rosenblum about keeping an affiliation with the company, but the odds of that seem long.


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