Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard targeted in new sex abuse lawsuit


“X-Men” director Bryan Singer and producer Gary Goddard have been hit with another lawsuit that claims they sexually assaulted a teenager.

The new lawsuit, from an anonymous United Kingdom citizen, accuses Singer and Goddard of sexually assaulting the plaintiff in that country. The plaintiff, called “John Doe No. 117” in the complaint, is represented by Jeff Herman, the same attorney who filed civil complaints against Singer, Goddard and two other Hollywood power players last month.

Herman is scheduled to hold a news conference at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills at 2 p.m. Monday.


Attorneys for Singer and Goddard said the allegations against their clients are false. The four defendants accused in April by Michael Egan have denied the claims against them. Singer has called Egan’s lawsuit against him a “sick, twisted shakedown.”

The latest lawsuit says the plaintiff is remaining anonymous because “this case involves facts of the utmost intimacy regarding plaintiff’s childhood sexual abuse, and plaintiff fears further psychological injury if his name were publicly disclosed.”

Filed Saturday in a federal court in California, the suit says Goddard first contacted the plaintiff, then 14 years old, in or about 2003 through social media. It says he told the plaintiff he had “good looks” and that he had contacts who could help the plaintiff with his acting career.

The complaint claims that Goddard persuaded the plaintiff, at 15 years old, to send him nude photos and engage in nude webcam sessions. When the plaintiff was 16, the suit alleges, Goddard invited him to London, plied him with alcohol and had sex with him.

The suit says Goddard introduced the plaintiff to Bryan Singer. The plaintiff claims to have been sexually assaulted when he was 17 by Singer in the director’s hotel suite while Goddard was present after the “‘Superman’ movie premiere” in London.

Bryan Singer’s attorney Marty Singer (no relation) said in an emailed statement that the claims in the new lawsuit are not true.


“Mr. Herman’s desperation has led him to fabricate these new anonymous accusations against Mr. Singer, which we will also prove to be completely false,” Marty Singer said, adding that he intends “to seek sanctions against Mr. Herman for his reckless, unethical behavior.”

Attorneys for Goddard also responded with an emailed statement.

“It is a sad indictment on society that when once spurious claims making false, serious and highly damaging allegations have been made -- especially where compensation is sought -- that other similar claims may follow,” they said. “The allegations made against Mr. Goddard are vehemently denied and will be vigorously defended at any trial of these matters and Mr. Goddard is entirely confident that he will be fully vindicated.”

The new suit comes weeks before Bryan Singer’s latest big-budget movie, “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” hits theaters. The film is set for U.S. release May 23. Singer has opted not to participate in publicity events for the film.


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