‘Frozen’ is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time


For the first time in forever, “Toy Story 3” is no longer the highest grossing animated film of all time. With its opening in Japan this weekend, Disney’s “Frozen” has taken the top spot and pushed its worldwide box office to an estimated $1.072 billion.

The two-time Oscar winner, which was released in the United States and Canada in late November, joined the billion-dollar box-office club in early March. The movie is running in 36 countries, including South Korea, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Released in 2010, “Toy Story 3” brought in $1.06 billion. But as they sing in “Frozen,” “the past is in the past,” and in grosses not adjusted for inflation, “Frozen” is No. 1.


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A #CongratulationsFrozen hashtag is trending on Twitter, with fans, some calling themselves “frozenholics,” praising the film for its success.

#CongratulationsFrozen Great movie, great actors, great songs, great story plot, great animation...What more could I say!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!-- Karis (@Karis_Fun_Stuff) March 30, 2014

#CongratulationsFrozen on becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time!! #Disney #Frozen #LetItGo-- Shenaaz Suliman (@Shenzi89) March 30, 2014

Hello, I’m max and I’m a Frozenholic..... #CongratulationsFrozen-- Max Emerick (@thickspit_) March 30, 2014

#CongratulationsFrozen For becoming Highest earning Animated Film of All-Time @IMKristenBell @alittlejelee @LinoD-- Alex McDonald (@McDiesel92) March 30, 2014



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