Hulu adds two new shows as subscriber base swells to 4 million

A screen grab from the new Hulu original series "Quick Draw."

Hulu is adding more original content.

The online video site, which is owned by Walt Disney Co., News Corp. and Comcast, told advertisers Tuesday it was launching two new shows: the Wild West comedy “Quick Draw” from writer-director Nancy Hower and writer-star John Lehr, and the drama “East Los High,” which features an all-Latino cast, about an East Los Angeles high school.

The shows will premiere, along with nine other original shows, this summer.

Hulu’s push to increase the number of original shows comes as the subscriber base for its Hulu Plus service has expanded to 4 million. The company said it has seen an 800% growth in subscribers to its Hulu Plus service since 2011. In the first quarter of 2013 alone, Hulu Plus added 1 million subscribers. Mobile viewing, which the company didn’t even offer two years ago, accounts for 15% of all videos watched.


“Overall, Hulu continues to grow very quickly,” Hulu’s acting CEO Andy Fossell wrote in a blog post. “In Q1 of this year, we set new records for revenue, and for the first time ever, Hulu viewers streamed more than 1 billion content videos in a single quarter.”


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