Emmy looks like Oscar! Fox Sports 1 still has some deals to do.

‘House of Cards’
“House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright may get Emmy nominations.
(Kirk McKoy/ Los Angeles Times)

After the coffee. Before slipping out early to watch the All-Star game.

The Skinny: I’m now two episodes behind on CBS’ “Under the Dome.” We know what that means. I either catch up this week or I’m throwing in the towel. I welcome all thoughts. Tuesday’s roundup includes a preview of the Emmy nominations and a profile of DreamWorks Animation CEO Bill Damaschke.

Daily Dose: Besides all the car and beer ads that will be in tonight’s All-Star game on Fox, look for lots of promos for Fox Sports 1, the new cable network that launches next month. Fox has been touting the new network on sports radio but now will start to go full force on television.

Small screen goes big. The Emmy nominations may sound more like the Oscar nominations as actors and actresses best known for their big screen work are expected to do very well. Actors who could get some Emmy love when the nominations are announced this Thursday include Michael Douglas (“Behind the Candelabra”), Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (“House of Cards”), Kevin Bacon (“The Following”) and Jeff Daniels (“Newsroom”). The Los Angeles Times with a preview of the Emmy nominations. 


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Hurry-up offense. Fox Sports 1, the new cable channel from 21st Century Fox, launches next month but three major distributors -- Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish -- still don’t have deals to carry the network. Price is a major issue but not the only one. Fox is also trying to lock up new deals for other channels it owns as part of a distribution agreement for Fox Sports 1. The latest on Fox Sports 1 from Sports Business Journal.

Dream driver. While Jeffrey Katzenberg is the face of DreamWorks Animation, the role of Chief Executive Bill Damaschke has expanded greatly over the last few years. The low-profile Damaschke is making more of the day-to-day decisions at DreamWorks Animation while Katzenberg focuses on the big picture. The New York Times with a profile of Damaschke. 

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Ahop. Apple is working on its commercial-skipping device, according to tech blogger Jessica Lessin. While the networks are not exactly fans of such technology and are in a legal battle with satellite broadcaster Dish Communications over its ad-skipping AutoHop digital video recorder, Apple is willing to compensate the networks for lost revenue, said Lessin. I’m not quite sure I see the business model in that one.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Jenny McCarthy’s controversial views on childhood vaccinations has some angered that she has landed a spot on ABC’s “The View” and fear she’ll use the show as a platform for her opinions. Magazine writer Joshuah Bearman is also a savvy deal-maker.

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