‘Elysium’ expected to finish first. Alec Baldwin to MSNBC?


After the coffee. Before getting too excited about preseason football.

The Skinny: The Redskins won their first preseason game Thursday night but I won’t read too much into that. Still, it beats losing! Friday’s headlines include a preview of the weekend box office and the latest (which isn’t much) on the Time Warner Cable-CBS fight. Have a good weekend and stay out of trouble. If you are getting into trouble, call me because I get pretty bored these days and could use the excitement.

Daily Dose: The favorite guessing game among TV news followers lately is what Fox News will do with Megyn Kelly. The cable news and talk channel has already said the popular Kelly will be moving to prime time. But Fox News chief Roger Ailes on Thursday also said all of Fox’s other prime time stars are signed on and not going anywhere. Well, unless Fox News plans to extend prime time by one hour, it seems probable that Kelly will be paired with an existing Fox News show host, most likely either Sean Hannity or Greta Van Susteren.


Seeking “Elysium.” It will be a busy weekend at the nation’s multiplexes as four movies will battle for the top spot. “Elysium,” the sci-fi thriller starring Matt Damon, is expected to take in more than $30 million. That should be enough for first place. Also new this weekend is the animated film “Planes,” the raunchy comedy “We’re the Millers” and fantasy movie “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.” Weekend box office previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety.

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Punching bags. New York City politicians got their aggression Thursday by beating up on Time Warner Cable and CBS executives during a hearing about the distribution fight the two companies are engaged in that has left New Yorkers, Angelenos and others without CBS and Showtime. The New York City Council had little sympathy for either company or patience for hearing about the intricacies of retransmission consent negotiations. The hearing will likely have little impact on the situation but it made for fun viewing. A recap from the Los Angeles Times and New York Daily News.

Nothing new here. Once again spinoffs are popular in television. A TV staple since the 1970s, this fall will see at least four shows with roots in other shows. The Hollywood Reporter looks at the trend and why networks are willing to bet on spinoffs even though the success rate is hardly one that would build confidence. For every “CSI Miami” there are 10 “Joeys.”

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Maybe Capital One can sponsor it. Looking to boost declining prime time ratings, MSNBC is considering a weekly show hosted by actor and Capital One pitchman Alec Baldwin. MSNBC has been losing viewers lately in large part because it has focused a lot more on talking about news rather than covering it. Not sure hiring Baldwin would solve that problem. More from Mediaite.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Kenneth Turan on “Elysium.” Betsy Sharkey on “Planes.” Karen Black, who made a name for herself for her work in “Five Easy Pieces” and “Easy Rider” and went on to become a queen of B movies, died at 74.

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