Morning Fix: Univison in radio ratings controversy. Bergdahl projects in works.

Colin Hanks in FX’s “Fargo”
Colin Hanks has a memorable role on FX’s “Fargo.”

After the coffee. Before getting my Team USA jersey.

The Skinny: My Los Angeles Times delivery man brought me Monday’s newspaper today. Doesn’t he know  I’m probably the last house he wants to deliver the wrong paper to? But he was back with a fresh paper just minutes after my complaint call so the system worked. Tuesday’s headlines include the stunning tale of a Univision executive’s attempt to corrupt Nielsen ratings. Also, DreamWorks Animation joins the club and launches a YouTube channel and a profile of “Fargo” co-star Colin Hanks.

Daily Dose: National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell will appear at the TV Critics Assn. media tour for the first time ever next month. Goodell will be there with CBS brass to talk about the network’s Thursday night football package. If Goodell thought sports media could be prickly, wait until he squares off against TV critics. Expect a lot of questions about the controversy over the Washington Redskins name.

Bad boy! A senior Univison radio executive was fired after trying to manipulate ratings for the Spanish-language media giant’s KSCA-FM Los Angeles. The scheme was relatively simple. The executive got a hold of several of Nielsen’s meters that measure radio listeners and was able to boost ratings. Nielsen’s Spanish sample size in Los Angeles is very small and it doesn’t take much to corrupt the numbers. Details on the controversy from the Los Angeles Times.


Guess this Internet thing is sticking around. DreamWorks Animation officially launched its much-anticipated YouTube channel. The move had been expected after DreamWorks bought Awsomeness TV and its YouTube platform. The move is lower risk than launching a kids TV channel into an already overcrowded marketplace. More on DreamWorks Animation from the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

Rush to production. You’ve heard of a rush to judgment? That’s when people make up their mind in advance of all the details being available. In Hollywood there is a similar phenomenon known as a rush to production. In this case, there are competing projects about Bowe Bergdahl, the recently freed prisoner of war. There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding how Bergdahl was captured and the circumstances of his release. But hey, get those scripts going and hopefully facts won’t get in the way. Deadline Hollywood and the Hollywood Reporter on the projects in the works. 

Wait until Monday’s numbers come in. World Cup ratings on Univision and ESPN are up from four years ago and that’s before the United State’s big win over Ghana on Monday. Variety looks at the ratings results for the early World Cup action. 

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Colin Hanks is one of the standouts of FX’s miniseries “Fargo,” which wraps up tonight.


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