Evan Rachel Wood reveals what ‘Westworld’ fan theory she got right

She has a few sitcoms in mind. The “Westworld” and “Across the Universe” actress would also be down to do another musical.


Evan Rachel Wood was not immune to conjuring her own fan theories while shooting “Westworld.”

“I was certainly the main geek on set coming into the hair and makeup trailer every day going off on some tangents,” said Wood, who plays humanoid robot Dolores Abernathy, when she stopped by The Times’ video studio.

“I think I had about 100 theories and four were right,” she said. “The running joke on set was that everyone thought they were Anthony Hopkins. ‘No, guys, I’m Dr. Ford.’”


Wood became enthralled with a group text chain with cast members about their ideas on the intricate twists and turns in the show. She took personal satisfaction in correctly guessing the Man in Black twist as early as Episode 2. However, the difference between her and the fans was that her theorizing and revelations happened while shooting the futuristic western rather than after it aired.

“It’s different when you’re on the show. I had done the scene with Ed [Harris] in the pilot where he picked up the can and gave it to me, tipped his hat. And I just had a déjà vu. I was doing the same scene with Jimmi [Simpson]. And I could just tell the energy on set was very specific, and they were being very specific about how we were shooting, and how he was picking it up. The first time he did it and I took it, I looked in his eye, and I just went, ‘Oh, that would be messed up. Which means, that’s what it is.’ But then it wasn’t confirmed and I kinda threw it out.”

The “True Blood” and “Mildred Pierce” alum said that it was heartbreaking to learn the truth because she and Simpson, who plays William, spent eight months trying to genuinely make these characters fall in love.

“And then halfway through we’re sitting there on set going, ‘I really, really hope you’re not the Man in Black, man. It’s just so heartbreaking... Which is why I knew it was right. Whether you figured it out or not— the payoff of the explanation is so good. I knew that was coming and I knew there was going to be a big reveal.”

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Without revealing too many spoilers for Season 2, which returns in 2018, Wood wondered if Dolores would become fully conscious, or if the character she merged with took over and what she would do now that she could break her core programming. She said she was personally affected by the role and Dolores’ journey.

“It gave me such permission to find a certain strength in myself that I didn’t know I had. [Costar] Thandie [Newton] said the same thing,” Wood said.

“I want to see what it is on the other side because I spent the first season overcome with so many feelings. This poor character goes through the much — so many horrible realizations about the world and herself — I want to see her walk through that fire and see what she does with the strength that she has found in her vulnerability,” she said. “My hope absolutely is that she just takes over. I don’t know if I just want bloody revenge. I also want her to be just messing with people’s minds. Because she’s also a fiercely intelligent being and she hasn’t had access to that either considering she’s the oldest host in the park. I mean she would just be superhuman. But again this is all based on nothing. I have no idea.”

Watch Wood’s full interview below:

The HBO sci-fi western’s revelations led the actress to understand why she was cast: “Because you needed a Disney princess, but she needed to be able to hold an Uzi.” For Season 2, she wants to see Dolores take over.

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