Gold Standard: Adam Scott: Is ‘Parks and Rec’s’ Ben Wyatt going to the White House?

Why was Ben Wyatt wearing a tux in that flash-forward finale of “Parks and Recreation”? What does Adam Scott think the character might be doing when we see him next? (Hint: Julia Louis-Dreyfus is angling for that job on “Veep.”) And why isn’t Billy Joel singing the right words to “My Life”? Didn’t he learn anything from his appearance on Scott’s “The Greatest Event in Television History”?

These questions, and, yes, much, much more were addressed when Scott dropped by The Times’ office recently for a live video chat.

Scott says there was a collective gasp at the “Parks” table read for the season finale when it was revealed that the show had moved the action three years into the future. Those triplets that Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, was expecting? They’re now toddlers, running around the office with Uncle Andy.


“Amy and I have both had a couple of kids,” Scott says, smiling. “We didn’t want to go to work and deal with babies all day long. So we were relieved about the three-year jump.”

Scott added he’s not particularly relishing “Parks” coming to an end.

“It’s going to be tough because we’re all friends, but we all also feel it’s good to finish up while the show is so great,” Scott says. “But it’s incredibly bittersweet. It’s going to be really, really sad.”

Despite our best attempts, no tears were in the offing on this day. “Talk to me in November, if you want to see me cry,” Scott says. “I probably will.”

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