‘Veep’s’ Reid Scott on the show’s finale: ‘I can’t believe we’re going to try this’

“Veep” star Scott Reid shares his emotional story on costar Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ final day of filming.


We’re about a month away from the series finale of “Veep,” and Reid Scott, who has memorably played ambitious slimeball Dan Egan through the show’s run, says fans need to be prepared for a “Sopranos”-style shocking sendoff.

“When we got the finale episode, I remember sitting across the table from Matt Walsh and we just looked at each other and said, ‘We’re going to go for this, huh? This is big. I can’t believe we’re going to try this,’ ” Scott said during a recent video interview at The Times. “It’s a bit of a departure for ‘Veep,’ and it’s so satisfying. I’m really excited for the audience to see what we do.”

Scott, of course, won’t divulge many details — nor would we want him to — but he did gladly share one plot point he loves. Dan gets a win in the finale.


“One of the fun things about playing Dan is that he’s not unlike Sisyphus,” Scott said. “Every season, he’s climbing the hill, just to get knocked back down and have to start all over again. He’s been relentless. It’s been almost inhuman. He’s been fired — seven seasons, seven times. But in the final moment, Dan ekes out a win. When I saw what they had in store for him, I was so thrilled. It’s a very fitting place for Dan to end up.”

Fortunately, Scott has fared much better than his character, sharing in the “Veep” ensemble’s acclaim (the cast won the Screen Actors Guild comedy series award in 2018) and even reaping a nice little bonus when it came time to decide what to take from the set as the show wrapped production.

“I’m not overly sentimental … but it’s the one thing I probably do share with Dan, I’m a bit vain and I like clothes so I took all of his suits,” Scott says. “Dozens. Dozens.” He pauses, considering the import of his revelation. “Now HBO is probably going to send me a bill for all the clothes I stole.”

You can watch the full interview below.

“Veep” star Reid Scott’s full interview with Glenn Whipp of The Los Angeles Times Envelope.

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