Quiz: Did 'Gone Girl' sweep you away or leave you cold?

Quiz: Did 'Gone Girl' sweep you away or leave you cold?
(Chris Morris / For the Los Angeles Times)


David Fincher's darkly funny marital drama has divided audiences. Take this quiz to see where you stand. Click on the space in front of your answer, keep track of your points and compare your total with the scoring system below.

1) Gender:

2) Married?

3) Happily?

4) The idea of someone writing a 1,000-word article titled "How to See Ben Affleck's Penis" in "Gone Girl" makes me:

5) You voted for:

6) Favorite Amy:

  • [  ] Amazing Amy
  • [  ] Avenging Amy
  • [  ] The complex version of Amy that I remember from the book that wasn't in the movie

7) Dream vacation:

  • [  ] Missouri Ozarks campground
  • [  ] Floating down the Gulf of Mexico
  • [  ] Coast of Greece. Octopus and Scrabble!

8) You find yourself disappointed in your spouse. You:

  • [  ] Offer constructive criticism.
  • [  ] Pelt him/her with Gummy Bears until behavior corrects itself.
  • [  ] Spit in his/her drink.

9) Your last anniversary gift:

  • [  ] Something romantic
  • [  ] Robot cat
  • [  ] Matching medical ID bracelets with blood types listed

10) You like your movies (check all that apply):

  • [  ] Murky, underlit
  • [  ] Clinically detached from the story at hand
  • [  ] To be name-brand franchises!

11) "Gone Girl" writer Gillian Flynn:

  • [  ] Good writer. But why are her female characters so hateful?
  • [  ] Cool Girl. And not in the way Amy lays out the construct, but ... you know ... just cool.

12) Number of times you laughed during "Gone Girl":

  • [  ] I lost count. I haven't howled so much since "The King of Comedy."
  • [  ] Once. When Nick lays out the resentment and misery of their union and Amy responds: "That's marriage."
  • [  ] Laughed? You're kidding, right? I was horrified!


80 and above: You will be voting for "Gone Girl"

40-79: You will not be voting for "Gone Girl"

0-39: You would very much like to punch David Fincher in the face