Q&A: Jennifer Jason Leigh’s calling all her fellow ‘Haters’ to celebrate Globes nomination

While countless other Golden Globes nominees were fielding congratulatory calls and emails Thursday morning, Jennifer Jason Leigh was completing mommy duties.

“I’ve been getting my son ready for school and making lunch,” she said, letting out a laugh.


FOR THE RECORD, 10:22 a.m.: This post originally said Leigh was nominated for a SAG Award. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe.


But after noticing the missed calls and text messages, she knew something good had happened.

Fresh from dropping her son off at school, the supporting actresss nominee for “The Hateful Eight,” hopped on a call to discuss her reaction -- and the nomination of “Anomalisa,” in which she does a voice, for best animated picture.


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Seems like you’ve already had a busy morning.
I was in bed and I woke up right before the alarm went off. I just started to get ready like normal and got all these texts. Many of them had called, but my phone was on silent.

That’s probably a good thing.
I was completely stunned. I still have not had a chance to even read the list.

So what have you been doing since you woke up?
Getting my son ready for school and making lunch. But I must say that I love this movie so much. I feel like I share this with the rest of the cast. We were such an ensemble.

So it’s safe to say you didn’t expect it?
I feel like we made an amazing movie, but you can never expect anything. You just can’t. Well… [laughs] I guess you can, but I try never to expect anything.

I mean when I got this role, I could not believe my good fortune. The fact that this and “Anomalisa” came out in the same year… it was surreal to me.

Now you were the only woman in “The Hateful Eight” cast. Was that intimidating for you?
It was not. I was really excited to be the only woman. That is such an incredible group of men to be the only woman with. I felt immense joy with Quentin [Tarantino] and this group. Being handcuffed to Kurt Russell was fabulous.

Any celebration plans? Or more mommy duties?
I am driving over Laurel Canyon right now. I have so many phone calls to return. I want to call all the Haters [her castmates] and email Quentin. There’s a lot to celebrate.

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