Q&A: Saoirse Ronan’s secrets to award nominations: Indian curry and gold nail polish

"Brooklyn" actress Saoirse Ronan is nominated for both Golden Globe and SAG awards.

“Brooklyn” actress Saoirse Ronan is nominated for both Golden Globe and SAG awards.

(Amy Sussman / Invision/Associated Press)

Countless aspiring actors would kill to be Saoirse Ronan. At just 21 years old, the actress has plenty of experience under her belt and a number of awards nominations (and wins) to show for it. Thursday morning, that list got longer with a Golden Globes nomination for her leading role in “Brooklyn” -- a role that also landed her a Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination.

How she celebrates (and apparently her secrets to getting nominated): Indian curry and gold nail polish.

“They asked me that same question when I won at the New York Film Critics awards a couple of weeks ago,” she said in a call Wednesday from Ireland. “Then I said was getting some Indian curry. Ironically, my mom is making Indian curry right now. So I guess that’s how I’m celebrating. It’s like it’s my good luck curry.”


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By Thursday morning, she had put down the spicy dish and picked up some gold polish. Ronan spoke with The Times mid-manicure about the honor:

We’re chatting two days in a row. Must be nice to be you.

Long time, no speak [laughs]. It’s a really nice day. I’m getting my nails done and then my phone starts going off.

At least it’s going off for a good reason.

It’s amazing. Life keeps getting better and better. It feels good to be recognized. When [you’re acting], you’re not really thinking about any of this.

What color are you getting on your nails?

I was getting them painted gold.

How ironic. Your new good luck charm?

I suppose so [laughs]. Who knew.

How is today different than yesterday?

The Globes! It’s huge! We’re so proud of our film. Just to have had the reception from the audiences and now, on top of that, to be recognized ... it’s a dream.

Last night you had curry to celebrate. What’s the plan for tonight?

Well, I’m with my friend who just turned 8 years old last week. After we finish our nails, we’re going for an afternoon tea.

Now, you’re about to launch into awards season for the second major time in your career. Excited?

Well, my mom will be with me. I didn’t do [the awards circuit] the first time around. I was in New Zealand at the time, making the film so it wasn’t really like this. It’s different this time because it’s such a personal film.

What’s so different?

It means a lot more now. When I was younger, it didn’t really faze me that much. To be recognized, now, when you’ve got more work, been working for more than half your life, it means a lot more.

What are you looking forward to about the Golden Globes?

I’m looking forward to Ricky Gervais [as host]. I’ve grown up watching him. I watched the promo the other day and it’s amazing.

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