'Better Call Saul's' Rhea Seehorn sees a matching comb-over future for Kim and Jimmy

'Better Call Saul's' Rhea Seehorn talks about her character's ability as a scammer and what moral judgments she makes.

Actress Rhea Seehorn didn't know that the second season of "Better Call Saul" would begin with her kissing Bob Odenkirk or that the relationship between their lawyer characters would turn into a romance so quickly. (Or perhaps, as Seehorn believes, it's time to revisit previous behavior between them in a new way.)

She didn't know either about the roller coaster ride her character, ace attorney Kim Wexler, would enjoy (and endure) at her law firm or that she'd end up striking out with Jimmy ("solo together") in a new partnership. Or that Kim would have a natural affinity for life as a con artist.


"I read their scripts and it's a thrill ride for me like watching it as a viewer," Seehorn says. "I'm turning the page and 'Oh, I'm scamming. And I'm sort of good at it.'"

It's so instinctual that the second time Kim does it, duping a married man hitting on her at a bar, she initiates the con, calling Jimmy for expert assistance.

Says Seehorn: "These wavering lines of what's good and what's bad and her making that decision, 'Oh, that guy deserves to be scammed' ... I don't know the answer yet of where that comes from. We had a lot of interesting conversations."

In an interview at the Envelope's video studio, Seehorn talked at length about the joys of the show's second season, which Odenkirk, quite rightly, calls "the Rhea Seehorn year." She provides some great details about the making of the terrific montage scene, set to the Gypsy Kings' rendition of "My Way," in which Kim makes dozens and dozens of cold calls, trolling for clients in an attempt to make it out of the "cornfield" of document review.

And we do plenty of guesswork about what awaits everyone in Season 3, discuss how a scene between Seehorn and "Saul" costar Jonathan Banks (a couple of chatterboxes, those characters) would play and what could happen if Kim turned up at the Omaha Cinnabon where a post-"Breaking Bad" Jimmy (now Gene) works after hightailing it out of Albuquerque. (Matching comb-overs? Works for us.)

You can watch the full interview below.

Rhea Seehorn of "Better Call Saul," delves into her character -- what does Kim know about Jimmy? And when did she know it?