The movies of Marvin Hamlisch


Marvin Hamlisch, who died Monday at 68, may have been first known to many in Hollywood for playing piano at parties thrown by film producer Sam Spiegel.

But in addition to the Broadway musicals for which he was most famous, Hamlisch became a prolific Hollywood film score writer, composing movie songs and music for such disparate titles as”Ordinary People,” “Sophie’s Choice,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “Three Men and a Baby” and even the 2009 comedy “The Informant!”

He wrote for Woody Allen (“Take the Money and Run” and “Bananas”) and co-penned the song “One” for “Shrek the Third.”


Hamlisch was also one of an elite few Americans to have won all the top entertainment prizes -- the Emmy, the Oscar, the Tony and the Grammy -- plus a Pulitzer Prize. He also pulled off the amazing feat of winning three Oscars in the same year, when in 1974 he captured two statuettes for “The Way We Were” (Best Original Score, Best Original Song) and another for “The Sting” (Best Original Song Score).


Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68

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