Tina Fey’s favorite ’30 Rock’ moments

Tina Fey says that being a writer opened so many more doors.
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

“Apollo, Apollo” (Season 3)

Summary: In which the writing staff discovers old phone sex commercials Liz Lemon did to make money in her salad days.

Fey’s take: “It was one of the most fun sequences we’ve ever done — Jack Donaghy ends up laughing so hard he vomits.”


Multiple episodes (Season 5 and 6)

Summary: Margaret Cho stars as Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il/Kim Jong-Un.

Fey’s take: “To have witnessed that and helped to cause that to happen gives me great joy.”

“The Succession” (Season 2)

Summary: Jack and Liz may be about to take one more step up the corporate ladder.

Fey’s take: “It turned into an ‘Amadeus’ conceit, with Chris Parnell entering in a cape for no particular reason, and Jack McBrayer was wandering the halls like a young Cynthia Nixon. It’s a favorite of mine because, really, who wasn’t crying out for an ‘Amadeus’ parody in 2007?”


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