The Morning Fix: ‘Ted’ to the top? Savannah Guthrie’s moment.

After the coffee. Before seeing how Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ performed.

The Skinny: Saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” Thursday night (no I wasn’t at the premiere), and while I enjoyed it, I wish Emma Stone hadn’t gone blond for the part. She looked too much like Lindsay Lohan and the two already share husky voices. Very distracting. Friday’s headlines include the weekend box-office preview, a look at Savannah Guthrie, who will succeed Ann Curry on “Today” and reviews of “Ted” and “Magic Mike.”

Daily Dose: Come Saturday, AMC fans who have satellite broadcaster Dish as their pay-TV distributor may find themselves staring at a blank screen. Dish is poised to drop AMC this weekend, a move which means fans of “Breaking Bad,” which returns next month, may have to find a new provider. Dish says AMC wants too much money for its signal. AMC says this fight isn’t about money but about a separate legal battle between the companies. Regardless, it’s viewers who are left in the lurch as usual.

Bear vs Brave. This weekend’s box-office battle will be between “Ted,” a raunchy comedy directed by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, and Pixar’s “Brave,” which last week took in over $60 million. “Ted,” about a man (Mark Wahlberg) and his talking teddy bear, is projected to make $40 million this weekend. Also premiering this weekend is Channing Tatum’s stripper comedy “Magic Mike,” Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Witness Protection” and the drama “People Like Us.” Box-office previews from the Los Angeles Times and Hollywood Reporter.


Double duty. With News Corp. splitting in two, Rupert Murdoch will now be a mogul of two media giants. Murdoch spent Thursday talking to Wall Street and the media about the decision to divide News Corp. into two companies -- one that will house its movie and TV assets and another that will be home to newspapers, book publishing and its education unit. Interestingly, some wonder if the newspaper company will be the one that is active on the deal front given that there are lots of newspapers in need of a committed owner. Analysis from the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Just the facts? The media’s rush to get the story first bit it in the you-know-what Thursday when both CNN and Fox News initially goofed on the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s healthcare overhaul. This is the problem when everyone shoots first and aims later. Analysis from the Daily Beast.

Open the floodgates. A federal court ruling may make it easier for writers who think their idea got ripped off to get payback. The case in question involves actor Hayden Christensen and his brother Tove who claim the cable channel USA stole their idea for the show “Royal Pains.” Details on the case from Variety.

On the hot seat. Although it’s not official, Savannah Guthrie is expected to replace the departing Ann Curry and become Matt Lauer’s new BFF on NBC’s morning show “Today.” Guthrie, host of the third hour of “Today” and the network’s chief legal correspondent, was sitting next to Lauer on Friday’s show and insiders at the network say the job is hers. A look at Guthrie from the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Betsy Sharkey on “Ted.” Kenneth Turan on “Magic Mike.”

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